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Holiday Tablescapes

With so much to do before the holidays, if you are hosting Christmas dinner, there is still the table setting, and the centerpiece to consider. There’s more to setting a table than knowing where the knives go. There’s your imagination, and creativity. When you add a pop of color or a special detail, suddenly, the holiday meal becomes a fun, festive, and elegant family gathering that is remembered, and talked about long after the fact.


I have always believed we eat with our eyes, first. If the food, and the presentation are appealing to our eyes, we know it will be pleasing to our palate, and it’s the same with your table setting. Your table can be a perfect reflection of who you are. All it takes is a handful of personal, imaginative, and creative details. Maybe your personality is shimmery or festive or traditional or simply fun.


Holiday gatherings, and dinner parties are an important part of the holiday season, and it’s the hustle, and bustle that sometimes make it difficult to create a beautiful holiday table setting. Believe it or not, you can still effortlessly decorate your table, and provide a festive mood to make your guests feel special, and it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.


Over the years I have collected many items, and each Christmas I try to change it up or add something new. For me the table setting is not only the “wow” factor but it makes my guests feel welcomed, and special. Creative ideas can come from your own imagination or by observing what you see in stores or on the internet or in magazines. Someone once taught me the best ideas are sometimes the borrowed ideas. It doesn’t have to be an exact replication, just take the idea, run with it, and put your own twist on it. Take a risk but have fun with it, and don’t stress about it.


It doesn’t have to be expensive either. Some of my greatest treasures were found at bargain prices. You just have to be willing to search, and put the time into it. I am from New York so I am not sure these stores are in everyone’s hometown but my greatest finds, and inexpensive at that, were found in Home Goods, Michael’s Arts and Crafts, and Pier 1. Look on the clearance racks, I always find treasures, and who doesn’t like a bargain. Use your imagination, and let your creativity flow. Lastly, Amazon is an amazing place to find some of the best deals, and speaking from my own personal experience, they provide the most outstanding customer service that I have ever experienced.


Using an elegant or a cheery holiday table runner is equally easy, and it’s a high impact idea to update your Christmas table. Your table can be bold, or simply use a classic glass hurricane vase as a centerpiece all by itself. You can fill it with a colorful candle, nuts or pile it high with glass ornaments.


Using a white rectangular plate makes a nice base for Christmas tree greens, and pears. They can be placed directly on the table or on a runner with the greens tucked under the fruit. You can use any greens, even from your own Christmas tree. If you don’t have or can’t find miniature Christmas balls, consider buying a bag of quality chocolate balls wrapped in pretty green, and silver foiled papers instead.


What could be simpler than using a plate, lined up with peppermint scented votive candles, and surround them with peppermint candies. A nice elegant, warm touch, and one that is very inexpensive.


Place settings can be very elegant, and more involved for those who are more creative or they can be as simple as using twine, tied around a sprig of rosemary, and place a simple, colorful glass Christmas ornament on the side to finish it off.


Nothing could be simpler or more inexpensive, but yet warm, and welcoming than a serving dish lined with tea lights surrounded by fresh cranberries, and some Christmas tree greens.


You can choose dinnerware, stemware, table linens, napkin rings, and centerpieces that have bold details, and are elegant at the same time. Don’t feel compelled to stick to certain styles…be creative, and make it more interesting by blending elements.


Using tinted glassware, and brightly colored dinnerware, you can mix things up for a fun surprise. Table linens can be colorful, and anything that looks like it was discovered at an antique store or something from your grandmother’s attic will probably make a perfect table setting.


When it’s time to set the table, remember to keep things cozy. Even the stemware can be casual. Picking up a simple, white set of matching dinnerware, along with simple linens is all it takes for a great, classic place setting. The centerpiece can be as understated as a row of white candles,  and it can be even a little unexpected.


In my growing family, we now have a children’s table, and as much detail, imagination, and creativity goes into creating their table, too. They love it, and they feel extremely special while they are sitting at their very own table. As a special gift, there is always something on the table that each of them can take home, and add to their own Christmas tree.



Another thought or idea are place card holders. They add a special touch to your table, and can get the dinner conversation started, and after dinner, they make great gifts for your guests.


I hope this holiday season, your home is filled with joy, and that you find the time to do the things you love with family, and friends. For me, each Christmas season is unique providing long standing family traditions, and making new memories of our own.  It is my favorite time of year, a time of creativity, gratitude, family, and joyous celebrations. And if you need help or advice with  planning or decorating your holiday table, I am only an email away at

Merry Christmas!