A Newbie Blogger

Yes, that’s me a newbie blogger. This is my introduction to writing about food, interior design, dreams, life, and then reality but first my story as to what got me here. After 33 years of a successful career in the financial industry, I found myself in a position that many middle managers eventually do, and 4 months ago, I was presented with a separation agreement or maybe I should say my hand was forced to sign one. To be completely honest, I never thought I would be in this position, and I always thought I would someday retire from the industry when age dictated it was time but it happened sooner than I anticipated. I want to be clear here, I have no regrets, and I truly loved my career. The financial industry is rapidly changing, and today, working on the frontline is not a happy place for many to be in. For me, every day was about the client, providing a high level of service, and presenting life solutions were always forefront in my mind, and my teams but somewhere along the way the industry lost sight of the clients, their employees, and it became a widget driven industry. During the last 6 years of my career, my personal, and team’s achievements, along with the many awards speak volumes about our accomplishments, and what we represented to the industry, and more importantly, to the client, and what I represented to myself.

As I turn the page, in yet another chapter of my life, I had to take a hard look at where I was in my life, and what paths, and opportunities were now available to me. I thought, how do I take my business knowledge, my skills, wisdom, life experiences, talents, and utilize them all to help me live my life passions of cooking, interior design, being a mentor, and a writer. So I explored, and I listened to my intuitive inner voice, and I am pursing my life passions, and dreams, and here I am. My comfort in the kitchen, my creative interior design ideas, teaching, and my passion for telling a story are all possessions I am eagerly willing to share. As I move along this journey, my hope, and desire is that I bring to you new, innovative, and creative ideas, a wealth of life wisdom, and thoughts, and to teach all of you to never lose sight of your dreams. It’s never too late…you just have to believe, and keep the faith.